Europe’s seventh and final ministerial e-health conference is to be held next month in Prague, the Czech Republic, 18-20 February.

The Czech Republic is currently jointly holding the presidency of the European Union, and in co-operation with the European Commission the Czech Ministry of Health is organising a ministerial Conference ‘eHealth for Individuals, Society and Economy’.

The event in Prague will mainly be focused on e- health in relation to: individuals, society and the economy. The aim of the Conference is to bring together and share European best practices.

High-level eHealth conferences organized by the presiding countries since 2003 represent important annual milestones in the field of e-health. The Czech Republic’s conference, however, will be the last such event in its current format.

From 2010 the Commission plans to merge the high level event with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) run annual trade event. Europe is one of the global regions in which US-based HIMSS is currently developing a globe-spanning series health IT events and activities, covering Asia, Middle East, US and Europe.