The Medikidz

Medikidz has announced it will launch the world’s first dedicated children’s medical website in July.

The new website will allow children to access complex information about illnesses, health, medicines and treatments in an entertaining and child-friendly way.

The Medikidz website will provide an online virtual ‘edutainment’ environment, Mediland, allowing children to explore a 3D human body and access the Medipedia, an online encyclopaedia of animated medical comics, video clips and cartoons.

The aim of the new site is to help children to understand their illness in the hope that they will take more responsibility for getting better, for example, taking medicine and doing exercises.

Medikidz already publishes a series of books that individually address diseases from epilepsy to HIV, which are written by doctors and peer-reviewed by leading consultants in their field.

Dr Kim Chilman-Blair, chief executive of Medikidz told E-Health Europe: “Medikidz was set up after we realised that too much information is aimed at parents and that many doctors think that children are too young to understand. This is the first product to overcome this global problem.”

It will also provide a social network to provide children worldwide with similar conditions to share information and offer peer support, also believed to be the first of its kind.

The website is being trialed by 65 children from a number of children’s clinics.

The products are based on the Medikidz, a group of characters including Skinderella, the skin and bone specialist.

The MediKidz live on a planet shaped like the human body known as Mediland. Each of the MediKidz take a child on a journey through Mediland, explaining complex medical issues in a language and style suited them.

Chilman-Blair continued: “Our aim is to empower kids so that they have a better understanding of their diseases, particularly silent and chronic diseases.

“Many kids don’t understand why they have to take medicine everyday or why they’re not getting better. We just provide the facts, we don’t sugar coat it, it’s a very warts and all approach to medicine.”