Software provider BridgeForward has announced the European release of its latest interoperability solution, Viaduct.

The solution is a service oriented, teamwork-enabled, enterprise integration design studio and runtime that runs on any platform and any device.

The company claims it enables users to design, build and deploy complex integration processes in the same way as they would if they were drawn up on a whiteboard.

John Moriarty, BridgeForward’s chief executive, told E-Health Insider: “The healthcare environment has too many applications, making sharing very complicated and very challenging.

“Viaduct changes this by making integration as easy as possible by allowing the analyst at the front end to do almost all of the work. It’s a new and different way of doing what similar companies do, except there is no coding involved.”

The company says the software maintains existing systems and makes them work better together, reducing the time and cost of application integration projects.

Moriarty added: “We have some really exciting features, including SOA-enabling legacy applications, operating system independence and web-based monitoring tools.”

Viaduct was launched last month in two of the largest healthcare delivery system in the US, the Partners HealthCare System in Boston and the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

Partner’s HealthCare System has already gone-live, whilst Cleveland is still in the process of implementation but is expected to go-live shortly.

Jerry Scott, EMCEE Partners, whose company uses BridgeForward’s solutions in healthcare organisations nationwide said: “BridgeForward has revolutionised the way to achieve true interoperability in healthcare by providing a simple solution to complex integration challenges. It is clearly the next generation of integration tools.”

Moriarty said he was thrilled to hear Scott’s comments about the software, as he was the former CEO of Healthcare Communications, the company that developed a similar solution to Viaduct with the Cloverleaf interface engine.

Link: BridgeForward