System C has started to roll out a new information governance product across Kent, with six environments “ready to go.”

The new product, named IGFlow, is designed to help healthcare organisations to track information flows around their own organisations and to other organisations, including emails, letters, faxes, CDs, X-rays and other media.

It includes an automatic risk calculator which analysis and assesses the risk attached to each flow. It also provides an easy method for Caldicott Guardians to review and update information flows.

Morfydd Williams, programme director at Kent and Medway programme office roll-out, said: “We have already started rolling it out in Kent and we hope to start uploading the flows in the next few weeks.”

IGFlow was originally developed by BlueStar, a provider of healthcare systems and consultancy services. The company was bought by System C last May, and the product has since been updated and brought to market.

Williams continued: “The product started as an idea a couple of years ago at the time when NHS chief executive, David Nicholson, asked trusts to identify information flows and instructed all trust chief executives to review and tighten their information governance and data transfer arrangements.”

She added: “Organisations spent a lot of time collecting data on the travel of information, so we decided to make the data collected into a useful tool, keep that information up-to-date and make information available to all staff about how they can share patient information.”

The web-based tool can be implemented alongside System C solutions or as a stand alone product and runs on a modern .Net platform.


Williams said: “It’s an information governance tool, which highlights the whole government agenda that relates to patient safety. It’s also very easy to use and is completely organisation specific. We’ve had a look and haven’t found a similar product, so this feels very unique at the moment.”

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