Dentists have become the latest group of healthcare professionals to be subject to ratings from their patients.

Health minister Simon Burns has announced that information and ratings for dentists has been put onto the NHS Choices website.

He has also announced that people visiting the site will now be able to see comments left on other ratings sites, such as Patient Opinion.

Visitors to will be able to see information about dentists’ opening times and any additional services they offer.

They will also be able to see other people’s comments about how easy it is to get an appointment at a particular surgery, whether they would recommend the service, and how they are treated by staff.

Simon Burns said: “The internet has become a two-way street. Rather than just viewing information online, as people did years ago, it’s the norm to share experiences and leave comments for others to read.

"Businesses have adapted to this powerful development, and the NHS needs to as well."

Patients can already rate services at hospitals and GP practices online, and a similar service that allows expectant parents compare maternity services was launched earlier this month.

The new partnership between NHS Choices and independent patient websites means they will also be able to see comments left by patients on sites like Patient Opinion.

Dr Paul Hodgkin, chief executive of Patient Opinion, said: "This imaginative collaboration between NHS Choices and Patient Opinion is an excellent example of Big Society principles in action.

"By linking a grass-roots social enterprise with a major public service, this partnership enables even more people to give their feedback to the NHS, and more local organisations to join the conversation and monitor how services are changing."