TPP has announced that it is enhancing its out-of-hours software with improvements focusing on case-tracking.

The company has announced that new functionality is being finalised following deployment of the out-of-hours software to more urgent care services around the country.

In a statement it said: “Having so many services using SystmOne means TPP must always endeavour to meet the needs and requirements of their users, however often and drastically these change.”

TPP said the new functionality focused on case-tracking. It should make it much easier to transfer patients between different out-of-hours work streams and to determine what action needs to be taken next.

The changes appear to answer some of the points made in a critical report on the performance of the software in West Yorkshire.

However, the company has stressed a number of benefits. For example, it said the changes will enable staff to configure their own case types which can be mapped to national quality requirements.

It also said the software will be more streamlined, with quick action buttons and advanced filter options.

The out-of-hours software has also been changed to make it easier for out-of-hours users to gain either an overview of all cases or individual patients, which TPP said would save time and increase efficiency.

Alison Taylor, clinical systems analyst at TPP, said: “We’re constantly listening to feedback and suggestions from our users because we know that the NHS is an industry of continuous change.

"We’re proud that SystmOne is an evolving system because it reflects us listening and responding to ours users. We’re constantly giving them what they want, without them having to wait years for developments.”

TPP said 73 out of hours ‘units’ are currently using SystmOne and that the new developments will go live in the first quarter of next year.