GP system supplier Microtest and clinical record specialist Graphnet Health have announced the successful implementation of a data-sharing system at NHS Stockport.

GP practices using Microtest’s primary care clinical software can now share data with other health organisations in NHS Stockport via Graphnet’s Stockport Health Record.

The record means that GP practice and hospital data from multiple systems can be streamed into a shared record that can be accessed by out-of-hours services and by Stepping Hill Hospital’s A&E department.

More than than 96% of Microtest’s Stockport practices are streaming into the Stockport Health Record, with the remainder due to come on board shortly.

Chris Netherton, managing director of Microtest, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with Stockport PCT, our practices and Graphnet to arrive at a solution that is so beneficial to patients and their care.

"Clinicians in A&E and out-of-hours are now able to make quick but informed decisions based on current and key clinical information in settings where seconds saved can be vital in keeping a patient alive.”

Microtest worked with Graphnet to develop the Microtest integration process to enable the interoperability with the Stockport Health Record.

The Cornwall-based company said the system fully supports patient opt-out procedures and has security in place to maintain patient confidentiality.

The product is available to all Microtest practices and is already in use in other areas, including the South East of England and the Midlands.