Graphnet’s CareCentric software is integrated with the Medical Interoperability Gateway providing real-time interoperability of patient records.

Real-time GP data will be displayed within the CareCentric electronic shared care record and combined with acute, community, mental health and social care data already held in the Graphnet system.

Clinical data available includes summary, problem and diagnosis views of the patient record.

Also available are details of medication, risks and warnings, procedures, investigations, blood pressure examinations, events and patient demographics.

Graphnet executive director Markus Bolton said interoperability is key to the new way of working in the NHS with multi-disciplinary and multi-agency care.

CareCentric connects to 20 systems already, but the MIG gives it real-time interoperability.

Bolton said records held in TPP’s SystmOne have been a “blind spot” for the company and it was excited that TPP was also going to connect to the MIG.

However, EHI Primary Care reported last month that TPP and owners of the MIG, Healthcare Gateway, have failed to agree terms for the deal and a London pilot of the integration has been axed.

“We were very disappointed about the TPP position collapsing because we have hundreds of GP practices that are wanting it and those practices are in the dark as far as those records are concerned,” said Bolton.

TPP made an announcement in April 2012 that would allow data transfer between SystmOne and CareCentric, but Bolton said TPP “haven’t managed to do that work yet”.

“Graphnet would very much like it to go ahead,” he added.

Customer demand for the MIG integration is “huge” and it will be rolled out to hundreds of practices in October, Bolton said.

Healthcare Gateway is jointly owned by Emis and INPS.