This week's round-up includes new touchscreen in Hampshire, a date cloud for medical research and sensors that help care for people in their home.

Hampshire hospitals deploys Hospedia

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is deploying 906 new bedside terminals across three hospitals. The touch screens, supplied by Hospedia, will provide entertainment to patients, electronic meal ordering, health information and outbound calling.

The last of 46 of the terminals are being installed in the next few weeks, and will eventually be upgraded to provide medical information for clinicians, surveys and translation services.


New service for homecare services

Technology company Appello and care service provider Bluebird Care have partnered to offer new technology-based service that monitors clients remotely using sensors. The service, called Bluebird Care Assist, can provide 24-hour monitoring through “devices and sensors” rather than a full-time carer.

The companies say this will help people live independently for longer and reduce pressure on hospitals. The product is one of many in a growing market of multi-sensor monitoring of social care clients.


Emis eConsult available to all GPs

Emis Health’s e-consultations product is now available to GPs not running an primary Emis system. The eConsult gives patients access to self-help information and alternative services through a GPs website and, if necessary, sets-up an e-consultation.

The service was piloted with 20 south London practices, with GPs involved saying it enable them to work more efficiently. A survey of the pilot found three out of four patients would use the service again, and 64% said it saved them time.


Smart inhalers linked to AI

Respiratory device provider Aerobit is working with artificial intelligence company Eularis to provide insights about medical adherence and effectiveness. Aerobit’s smart inhaler already tracks a patients’ medical use and alerts them if they are failing to adhere to their medical regime.

The information that Eularis analyses will be used to provide a “real-time” intelligence service to pharmaceutical companies to help them improve product and medicine development.


Bio-medical cloud developed at Cambridge

Dell EMC and the University of Cambridge are working together to develop a “bio-medical cloud service”, which they claim is one largest data platforms for bio medical research in the UK. The platform will allow for faster research development by making computing power data analytical methods developed at the university available on the cloud.


Datix develops new product to improve patient safety

Healthcare software company Datix has develop a new intelligence service to uncover “why” patient safety incidents occur. The Datix Cloud IQ product was released on 10 November and creates toolkits for both investigating an incident and analytic tools to detect underlying trends affecting patient safety.