A poll has revealed that half of Digital Health News readers believe interoperability standards should be the top priority for the new national CCIO, Dr Simon Eccles.

On 16 February, Dr Eccles tweeted his five key priorities for IT in the NHS in 2018, which included promoting interoperability standards as well as giving patient access to records and delivering on what NHS England had already promised.

In response, Digital Health News launched a poll to find out which of Dr Eccles five priorities readers believed to be most important.

Of the 271 voters, 50% said interoperability standards should be top of the CCIO’s list, with ‘doing what we said we would do’ coming in second at 21%.

In third place was patient access to records, scoring 17% of the votes, while business and research intelligence came in fourth with 8%.

Digital Health also asked readers to submit their own suggestions, with one reader suggesting e-prescribing in hospitals should be a priority of Dr Eccles.

Dr Eccle’s tweet received a lot of feedback from social media users.

One addressed the so-called “elephant in the room” and said the national CCIO should look into how “most clinical systems in clinical settings are unusable by clinicians”.

Dr Eccles responded: “Yes yes yes! I’ve worked with some truly dreadful clinical software. Too few vendors, out of date interfaces and minimal interoperability.

“A vibrant software market, FHIR data standards, national strategic authentication, local single sign on all needed.”