The founder of Babylon has said the success of the company’s GP at Hand service is due to it being designed to “meet the needs of the NHS”.

Ali Parsa sat down with Digital Health News at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) summit in London to talk about innovation within the NHS, and his reaction to the hype surrounding the roll-out of GP at Hand.

Launched in November 2017, the service allows patients to book appointments and talk to their doctor through their smartphones for free on the NHS.

Since it was launched, more than 26,500 people have signed up to GP at Hand, with Parsa citing the fact that the app has been built for purpose being central to its popularity.

“Our GP at hand service has been designed from bottom up to meet the needs of the NHS,” said Parsa.

“As a result, it has been amongst the fastest-growing and most popular service roll-outs in the history of the NHS with four-in-five users give it 5-star rating.

“I love the fact that the NHS is among the first worldwide to deliver this digital-first service to the people of London, and hopefully soon to the rest of the country.”

Previously, Digital Health News has reported that the number of patient registrations for GP at Hand has averaged around 4,000 per month.

When asked about whether he was surprised about the number, Parsa said he was in fact was “disappointed” with GP at Hand’s spread in the UK and hoped more people would sign up.

On the subject of innovation within the NHS, Parsa said that while there was some “resistance”, there were those working hard eternally to help spread change and push through new technologies.

Parsa added that innovators should not be “afraid to disrupt” the health technology market.

He added: “NHS is showing great vision for exploring where and how new care models and new technologies can be integrated into its services.

“The CQC also recently stated its intent to encourage innovation that will improve access to and quality of care.”

You can hear more from Parsa at Digital Health’s Summer Schools on 19-20 July in Birmingham.