Medopad has made a $10 million (£7.8m) commitment to “supercharge” integration with third-party health tech companies, after announcing a new partner programme.

The company has joined forces with eight firms from the health tech space, which will integrate with the Medopad platform to create new, condition-specific apps for patients.

The partnerships will allow doctors to configure the Medopad app for a variety of health needs spanning cardiovascular health, drug adherence, complex wounds and diet and lifestyle.

Dan Vahdat, founder and CEO, said: “Medopad believes that the only way for digital health to achieve its transformative potential is to bring the best health solutions together into one patient and clinician-facing platform that’s customisable to each condition and patients’ needs.

“By uniting the best care-specific solutions on our platform, we enable care teams and patients to get quicker access to new technologies that improve their lives and help patients to live longer.”

Medopad is a digital platform that enables clinicians to monitor the symptoms of patients with long-term conditions, through their smartphone and wearable devices.

Doctors can configure the Medopad app to create condition-specific apps for patients and their connected devices.

The idea is that the Medopad app can provide a one-stop shop of sorts for patient-facing health applications and services.

Luke Eastwood, head of the firm’s Platform Programme, said: “By combining AI, connected devices and relevant datasets, Medopad has created incredible new opportunities for developers to move beyond the app, and build components, intelligent bots, predictive algorithms and more

Medopad said it had selected “technology companies at the forefront of health tech innovation” to be part of its Platform Programme.

Through it, partners will be able to tap Medopad’s existing network of hospital, pharma and innovation partners, including Guy’s & St Thomas’, Johns Hopkins, Boston Scientific and Tencent.

Medtronic, FibriCheck and Your.MD are among the companies to have joined the Partner Programme.

The $10m fronted by Medopad will support technological integration, business development and market access for partners.

Steve Black, vascular surgeon and consultant at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust Foundation, said: “We often talk in healthcare about having a patient-centred focus. If we genuinely deliver on this and look at the patient’s journey, the whole process becomes so much simpler, and Medopad delivers that.”