Staff at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust are to begin using DeepMind’s Streams app.

The technology will give healthcare professionals at St Mary’s Hospital secure access from a mobile device to their patients’ latest test results.

By having real-time access to test results, such as laboratory and radiology, it is hoped clinicians will be able to make faster decisions, without having to leave their patients to log into a computer.

It is also believed the app will save them time, with clinicians then able to have a greater focus on direct patient care.

DeepMind, the company behind Streams, began processing current patients’ test results on January 21, with the general surgery team at St Mary’s Hospital being the first to begin using it.

At a later date, Streams will be rolled out across all five of the trust’s hospitals with clinicians able to access their patients’ latest test results on the move.

Dr Sanjay Gautama, Caldicott Guardian and CCIO at Imperial, said: “As one of the NHS’s global digital exemplars, we are proud to be leading the way in using advances in digital technology to make tangible improvements to the care of our patients.

“We have already implemented a single electronic patient record system, which allows relevant staff to access patients’ test results securely via a computer, and now, thanks to Streams, our healthcare professionals will be able to access the same results securely from a mobile device.

“As a doctor, I want to spend the majority of my time at work directly with my patients. Having these basic test results to hand at the press of a button will help keep my administrative tasks to a minimum so I can better concentrate my efforts on caring for my patients.”

DeepMind, which was bought by Google for £360 million in 2014, announced it was partnering up with Imperial in 2016.

Under the agreement, DeepMind has said patient data is processed “under the instruction of the Trust so that it can be viewed via the Streams app”.

It added: “The data cannot be accessed or used by DeepMind for any purposes other than to provide the Streams app to the Trust.”

Furthermore, while DeepMind is known as an AI company, the Streams app being used at Imperial does not use AI technology.