Vital signs and electronic observations supplier Patientrack has been rebranded Alcidion, just over a year after it was acquired by the Aussie informatics firm.

Patientrack provides e-obs and early warnings of patient deterioration to the NHS under a product bearing the same name.

The UK company was formally acquired by Alcidion Group in May 2018.

The Patientrack product will retain its name and will remain available to NHS hospitals and supported by the same UK team, however the company has been rebranded Alcidion.

The name change comes as the Australian firm looks to expand its offering to the NHS under a single identity.

Donald Kennedy, UK general manger of Alcidion, said: “We are building on a remarkable legacy of collaboration with the NHS that has delivered a big impact on patient safety.

“As Alcidion, we have the ability to take this to the next level, and to offer the NHS a much wider set of digital tools. These have been designed to not only support the next generation of patient safety, but to streamline patient journeys, increase operational efficiency, inform clinical decision making and help hospitals to understand their data.

“We are already doing all of this with early NHS pioneers, and so it is only fitting that we adopt our new identity that reflects our even more compelling offer to the NHS.”

As reported by Digital Health News, Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust became the first UK organisation to procure the full Alcidion product suite, in a five-year partnership announced last month.

The trust is deploying a health technology platform that aims to transform patient safety and clinical efficiency for its hospitals and its local healthcare system partners, under its strategy to become a “self-made” digital exemplar.

Alcidion’s product offer spans predictive analytics, patient flow, clinical messaging, integration support, and clinical decision making.

Patientrack will be offered to customers alongside other Alcidion products, including intelligence software Miya, which takes data from disparate healthcare IT systems and displays it to clinicians on mobile devices, and Smartpage, a secure clinical messaging platform.

Kate Quirke, managing director of Alcidion, said: “This is about transforming healthcare together, by empowering doctors and nurses to deliver the best possible outcomes for their patients. We are already working with the NHS to use technology in a way that delivers insights to clinicians so they can prevent and intervene.

“Healthcare professionals need to understand how their patients are progressing and need to have information about their current status and potential risk.

“People in the NHS have come to know Patientrack as an important innovator in the patient safety arena, and we now look forward to developing that innovation to a growing number of areas, as we continue to partner with one of the most respected health institutions in the world to deliver the best for its patients.”