Members of the Digital Health Networks have been sharing their advice and frustrations surrounding digital responses to Covid-19.

A total of 442 members of the networks tuned into a special webinar which featured Dr Simon Eccles, CCIO for NHSX.

Matthew Gould, CEO of NHSX, also spoke for a few minutes, saying his priority was to make “things as easy as possible” for those working in IT departments within the NHS.

He also emphasised the importance of having “open channels of communication” between NHSX and the Networks.

After a quick introduction by Digital Health’s editor-in-chief, Jon Hoeksma, Dr Eccles provided an update on what NHSX was doing in response to the outbreak of Covid-19.

This included the use of the GoodSAM app to help recruit NHS volunteers and news that NHSX is looking to get 50,000 extra laptops for the health service.

Dr Eccles then answered some questions and concerns raised by members of the Networks on the Discourse platform.

This included some national direction on the use video consultation apps and products. In response, Dr Eccles said the NHS had penned a deal with Attend Anywhere – as reported last week by Digital Health News.

The platform generates a weblink that providers can send to patients, which activates a video call with patients at a set time and is already used by NHS Scotland.

Dr Eccles said the deal would be in place for a year though it is not compulsory, urging trusts to use technology that they like and prefer.

Digital Health is also running weekly webinars on digital responses to Covid-19 every Friday. The topic of this week’s webinar on March 27 is digital first primary care.

Shaun O’Hanlon and Dr John Parry, clinical directors of EMIS and TPP, will be discussing how technology can be used to help organisations cope with Covid-19.

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