TPP has launched a new patient facing app, Airmid, which includes video consultation capabilities and advice on Covid-19.

TPP had initially planned on releasing Airmid later this year, however the outbreak of coronavirus across the UK prompted the company to act sooner.

The new app has been designed to allow people to view their health records, access digital health services and engage with their care team.

This includes requesting repeat medication, appointment booking, video consultations and wearable integrations. The app can also be integrated with NHS login, NHS England’s secure single log-in system for approved digital health applications.

TPP has included advice about Covid-19 and a link to NHS 11 Online, which has received a high level of activity since the coronavirus outbreak.

TPP CEO and founder, Frank Hester, said: “We were originally planning to release Airmid in a few months’ time. It’s an advanced patient-facing app that we hope will significantly help to relieve NHS pressure via new digital-first workflows.

“Our plans for Airmid are ambitious and include embedded AI and advanced clinical decision support. However, in light of the pandemic we’ve decided to accelerate the release and the team have worked flat-out to make it available as soon as possible.

“There is core functionality in the app such as appointment booking, direct messaging and video consultations that we hope will make a real-difference during the coronavirus response.

“We are, of course, not stopping here. All the advanced functionality we planned will be made available in the coming months.”

TPP joins a growing number of digital health and clinical software providers to have stepped in to help with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

EMIS Group recently announced that it had made its video consultation service free to all GPs running EMIS Web for a 12-week period, meanwhile Refero, accuRX and Modality Systems have also offered their video consultation services free of charge.

The Airmid app is now live on Android and iOS.

TPP is taking part in a Digital Health webinar on Friday (March 20) at 12.30pm. 

The programme of webinars will share lessons and knowledge on how health and care organsiations can and are using digital tools to help meet the unique challenges of responding to Covid-19.