Imprivata is providing free access to its GroundControl tool which allows patients, clinicians and close relatives to interact via mobile devices.

GroundControl facilitates easier management and use of iPads and other iOS devices to make possible a range of interactions with seriously ill patients in much safer ways during the coronavirus pandemic.

This includes:

  • remote communication with care providers
  • virtual patient visits with loved ones
  • inpatient telehealth consultations
  • Utilising mobile devices for communications delivers more separation and safety for healthcare providers, while minimising the need for multiple changes of PPE

GroundControl’s TeleHealth capabilities mean patients can contact and communicate with staff without having to be in the same room.

Imprivata has made GroundControl device provisioning licenses available free of charge during July.

By replacing some of the physical contacts between clinicians and patients with virtual ones, there is a reduction in the number of times staff need to change scarce PPE equipment, saving both time and valuable resources.

Daniel Johnston, clinical workflow specialist at Imprivata, said: “During the Covid-19 pandemic it is heartening that the global healthcare community are coming together to share ideas and play their part in whatever way they can.

“At Imprivata we are proud to contribute by making available our GroundControl provisioning solution free of charge to make all kinds of interactions with seriously ill patients as safe as possible. Minimising the need for staff to change scarce PPE multiple times through their shifts will also provide a tremendous benefit.”

Earlier in the year, Imprivata launched an identity governance solution which allows organisations to easily manage user accounts has been launched by Imprivata in the UK.

Imprivata Identity Governance is an extension of the company’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. It allows hospital trusts to control access to sensitive patient records throughout an employee’s lifecycle. User entitlement policies and controls can also be enforced so that compliance obligations including GDPR requirements are met.