DrDoctor and Intouch with Health have joined forces to deliver a fully integrated consultation and digital pathways solution to NHS trusts.

The solution sees the launch of DrDoctor’s video consultation platform and Intouch’s integrated virtual clinical management suite brought forward to help hospitals cope amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The integration of the two systems aims to reduce operational inefficiencies such as authenticating the patient’s identity and matching them to their appointment and doctor.

By connecting the DrDoctor patient portal to the Intouch patient flow platform patients will be able to manage all their appointments, launch video consultations, complete digital assessments forms and check-in for their in-person appointment from one place.

From within the platform, clinicians will be able to manage their complete clinic caseload, whether that be face-to-face, video or phone, as well as record their follow-up requests.

DrDoctor founder Tom Whicher said: “Beyond the current crisis is a secondary looming threat – the backlog of routine patients who’ve had their care delayed or cancelled. Up to 50% of non-essential care has been cancelled, leaving millions of people waiting for treatment.

“It’s important to explore the solutions hospitals will need to deal with this pent-up demand as we look to the next 6-12 months. Beyond that, it’s likely that healthcare will never look quite the same, so we’ve developing tools to help patients and doctors with the new normal, and tools to care for and treat patients in a new way.”

Mike Sanders, chief executive at Intouch with Health, added: “It is essential that suppliers can deliver the functionality and integration that is required to ensure ease-of-use and ROI in healthcare settings.

“A key focus for us has been how to support the NHS marry up the patient and the clinician and collate all the relevant data from these remote consultations and put that into the necessary systems to aid efficiency. That is the challenge hospitals are facing.

“Through close cooperation and collaboration, we are able to provide users with one cohesive, integrated system that has been designed specifically for the healthcare environment, incorporating the complexity of patient flow and organisational efficiencies.”