Members of the Digital Health Networks, it is time to have your say as nominations for the Network Advisory Panel elections are now open.

Twelve members of the CCIO/CIO/CNIO Leaders Network Advisory Panel will be elected, with the winners announced at Digital Health Summer Schools on 15-16 July 2021.

Members of the CCIO/CIO/CNIO Network are asked to stand election or nominate a fellow member to serve a 24-month term on the Advisory Panel, which meets on a monthly basis over Zoom.

The Advisory Panel sets the priorities and direction for the CCIO/CIO/CNIO Network and elects the CCIO/CIO/CNIO chair and vice chair to represent the network nationally.

Speaking about her experience of being on the Advisory Panel, Mandy Griffin, said: “Being part of the panel, as well as serving as vice chair, I feel part of a community that have a collective voice that is being listened to.

“It’s been a whole new experience for me, and it has increased my ability to influence locally, regionally and nationally. It has also given me a safe place to share thoughts and frustrations, as well help create and develop ideas that can really make a difference to the digital community.

“Most of all it’s been fun, I have met and worked with some fantastic colleagues. Even though 18 months of my time with the panel has been in lockdown I have still got to know my fellow panel members really well, you could argue even better. It is hard to miss a meeting or not get to a meeting when they are all virtual.”

Below you can also watch a testimonial from James Reed who is chair of the CCIO Network.

Nominations for Advisory Panel members must be in by close of play on Monday, 24 May 2021, with online elections to be held from Monday, 7 June 2021.

If you would like to stand for election, you need to submit the following information:

  • full name and job title, organisation
  • a head and shoulders photo
  • a short bio (50-75 words)
  • a short manifesto (100-150 words) for the ballot. Your manifesto will be a short statement which tells people who you are, what you hope to achieve whilst in the role and why people should vote for you

The nomination forms for each Network can be found below: