More than three million records were uploaded to the Welsh Covid passport service the day it was launched.

Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW) built the software and database to manage requests for Covid pass letters, including ongoing data flows to ensure vaccine records are up to date.

On the day the Covid pass service was launched (June 25), the organisation uploaded more than 3.7million records.

DHCW worked with NHS Digital to ensure Welsh vaccination data was available through NHS England’s digital covid pass service.

The NHS Covid pass allows people to prove they’ve had both jabs when travelling abroad.

Those living in Wales who are over 16 and have had both vaccinations were able to access their Covid passport from the end of June.

The Welsh government recommended digital Covid passports over a paper version, which can be shown on smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Access to an NHS Covid pass requires an NHS login to ensure secure access through the NHS website. Once registered and logged in, a user can view their vaccination status and print the pass as a PDF document.

Those who do not have online access can request a paper version of their passport be sent to them. This can be done five days after receiving the second jab.

People who live in Wales but are registered with a GP in England may have to download the NHS App to access their Covid-19 passport. A statement from the Welsh government confirmed it “may not have access to your vaccination record” if a person is registered in England.

Currently, the NHS App is not available for people registered for a GP in Wales.

You can register for the Welsh online Covid pass here.