The Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) has launched a campaign encouraging people to share what matters to them in digital health and care records.

PRSB’s #CareAboutMe campaign focuses on About Me information – the standard for health and care records allowing people to share key information with the people who need to see it. This information includes their needs, preferences and wishes and is shared with their care team so it can be used by whoever needs it when they need it.

About Me is a digital, self-completed record which is developed collaboratively between health and care professionals and the people using health services, and is supported by software systems suppliers.

It aims to support the health and care system’s long-term goal of person-centred care, and also supports self-management of conditions.

The shareable About Me record means patients only have to provide the information once and as it is in digital format it can be shared quickly and with fewer errors or duplication.

PRSB chair Professor Maureen Baker CBE, said: “Knowing what matters to patients is essential for making care person-centred. Professionals can tailor care around the person’s needs, rather than the person working around services.

“PRSB’s #CareAboutMe campaign will help to make person-centred care a reality by supporting widespread adoption of the About Me standard in records.”

According to a study of NHS trusts exploring the benefits of About Me profiles, three out of four people with an About Me profile had their care preferences met. The study also stated that each profile reduced expenditure by £2,100 per patient – equating to a cost benefit of more than £80m.

Last year PRSB officially launched a scheme to support the adoption and implementation of standards in healthcare. Already this year Graphnet has joined the Standards Partnership Scheme, followed shortly after in March by TPP.