A region-wide shared care planning solution is now live across London. 

Led by OneLondon, London’s Urgent Care Plan has now been implemented across five integrated care systems (ICSs), 40 NHS trusts and 1,400 general practices. It means 11million people across the capital are now able to have their care and support preferences shared digitally with health and care professionals.

NHS South West London has worked in partnership with Better to deploy the solution, which is underpinned by open health data and low-code tools. It is hoped the Urgent Care Plan will reduce duplication and improve accessibility.

Better were awarded the £3.1million contract to provide the shared care solution for London in December last year.

Matt Cox, managing director at Better UK, said: “Working with OneLondon, we are proud to have unlocked the ability for health and care organisations to build dynamic care planning applications and share data in real-time across the capital.

“By establishing a platform of persistent data and creating a low-code environment we have transformed London’s digital care planning services, and we are looking forward to seeing the Better platform used to support Londoners, their families and professionals alike.”

To help with the roll out of the Urgent Care Plan, ReStart was selected to be an integration partner. The integration and interoperability supplier provided a central integration engine which facilitated the migration of 52,000 end of life care plans, enabling the sharing of PDF plans across all five of London’s ICSs.

Andy Meiner, chief revenue officer at ReStart, said: “The ReStart team is delighted to be involved in the London Urgent Care Plan with Better as an important partner. Interoperability remains a key pillar in many flagship projects across the NHS right now.

“Being able to rely on an interoperability specialist such as ReStart means that all patient records are maintained accurately with systems and dataflows designed to improve patient care across the London area.”