Better has been awarded a £3.1million contract to provide a shared care solution for London.

The contract, which is valued at £3.1million, has been awarded for three years initially by the five clinical commission groups (CCGs) in London, with an option for two 12-month extensions.

Building on the success of Coordinate My Care (CMC), the contract will see all clinically approved CMC plans, migrated to the Better digital solution.

NHS South West London CCG managed the competitive procurement process on behalf of all London CCGs between March and September 2021.

Dr Agnelo Fernandes, GP and chair of the London Clinical Governance Group said: “Following a thorough procurement process the pursuit of an electronic Integrated Care Record for London that is widely interoperable is one step closer.

“CMC led the way in defining the concept of continuity of clinical information in Care Plans visible to a number of providers. We can now look forward to greater functionality for sharing critical information to enhance patient care in supporting the management of long term conditions, Integrated Urgent Care and End of Life Care.”

South West London CCG with work will better as well as The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, which is the host of the current CMC service in order to ensure a smooth transition for patients and clinicians over the next few months.

Existing users of CMC will receive regular updates regarding the transition to the new technology and any actions that need to be taken to ensure information about patients’ needs and wishes for future care remain accessible to those providing services to them.

Matt Cox, Managing Director of Better UK said: “We are really pleased to have been selected as London’s technology partner to help transform care planning across London.

“Establishing a platform of persistent data with openEHR coupled with a low code environment for health and care professionals to dynamically evolve digital care planning services will really help support Londoners, their families and professionals alike.”