Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Cardiac Clinical Network, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and FCMS, a community healthcare provider, have launched a new home monitoring service for patients waiting for cardiac surgery.

Using equipment provided by Docobo, patients can monitor their health on a daily basis, with a direct link to a team of clinicians to help spot any potential deterioration. Patients will be supported to manage their condition ahead of planned surgery, while at the same time be able to get on with their lives.

Professor Farzin Fath-Ordoubadi, consultant cardiologist, said: “For people with complex cardiac conditions, remote monitoring, supplementary to clinical care, can potentially improve health outcomes.

“Thanks to this technology we are able to have a direct link with the patients and be able to early detect any deterioration in their health condition. Patients showing deterioration will be identified, prioritised, and offered support as appropriate.

“As the waiting list for life-saving cardiac surgery has grown, we have to identify those patients who are deteriorating and offer earlier intervention when needed.”

Docobo will provide patients in the Greater Manchester area with all the equipment they need, including a device that allows them to input daily information such as their blood pressure.

The service will be available for patients who are waiting for specialist cardiac surgery, coronary artery bypass grafts or valve replacement at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

Tom Berry, directorate manager for cardiac surgery and transplant, said: “As is the case across the NHS, our waiting list has grown and this project will help us to identify patients who require earlier support or treatment.

“This project will also support our clinical teams and ensure their expertise is delivered to those patients in greatest need, enabling them to make or change plans in a timely manner.”

Going forwards, during an initial consultation with the cardiac team patients will be given the option to opt-in to the service. If they choose to take part the FCMS team will organise the next steps.

Towards the end of last year, Docobo added new functionality to its digital health platform, DOC@HOME, with a new remote monitoring approach for cardio-respiratory diseases.