GPs practices can opt out of

GP practices could take an “opt-out by default” stance to the programme without breaching the Data Protection Act, the
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Power to the people: on how technology is the architect of our intimacies

The technology that we use subtly embodies the values that lie behind what we are doing. Better get those right
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Patients need ‘control panel’ for data

The rise of big data cannot be stopped so patients must be able to make “fine-grained” decisions about how their
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EHI Live profile: Andy Williams

The chief executive of the Health and Social Care Information Centre expects the forthcoming informatics strategy to clarify the organisation’s
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Trusts must comply with data standards

NHS England will use “carrots and sticks” to get trusts to comply with data standards and infrastructure requirements, says Tim
Read More pilots to be chosen ‘shortly’

Between two and four clinical commissioning groups will be selected "in the coming weeks" to begin the pathfinder stage of
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Hits and misses

A year ago, EHI launched ‘target watch’ to keep an eye on the many initiatives being launched in NHS IT.
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Key letters ‘not sent’

The programme could be further delayed because ‘expression of interest’ letters have not been sent to potential pilot sites,
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NHS England seeks head of intelligence

NHS England is advertising for a new director of intelligence, who will be responsible for delivery of the programme.
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Caldicott to oversee pilot

The pilot phase of the controversial programme will be subject to scrutiny from an independent panel led by Dame
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