The London Oncology Clinic, a private provider on oncology services, has selected IMPAC Medical Systems  to provide it with chemotherapy electronic charting, practice management, and statistical analysis solutions for its newly refurbished Harley Street clinic.

According to Dr Maurice Slevin, consultant oncologist and one of the founding partners of the London Oncology Clinic, said that IMPAC was selected because of their ability to understand the unique requirements of delivering cancer care and deliver tailored information systems.

Dr Slevin said: “The workflow of the system complements the oncologist and nurse, and their interaction with patients. All of the information currently stored in paper charts will be converted into an electronic format to enable immediate access by the entire staff, with appropriate security levels, whenever and wherever needed."

According to IMPAC its oncology information system is designed specifically to help chemotherapy centres by providing process automation tools that improve process efficiencies while reducing the risks of medical errors.

The system is designed to support initial diagnosis and staging through planning, treatment, and subsequent follow up, helping staff to accurately record and efficiently process critical data throughout the patient’s complete cycle of care.

Irena Goldman, chief executive of the London Oncology Clinic stated, "Our plans for future growth are well supported by IMPAC’s system with its built-in capability to accommodate both chemotherapy and radiotherapy patient treatment planning, all within a single application.

Goldman said that the IMPAC system also enables “full integration with secure external data sources such as complex pathology testing, and radiology", providing consultants at the clinic with a complete and holistic view of their individual patients.

IMPAC was founded in 1990 to develop an integrated clinical and administrative management system tailored specifically for cancer care.  The firm says that it now has more than 2,500 installations in 56 countries worldwide – including over half of the top North American cancer centres.