The BMJ Publishing Group and US knowledge management systems developers, Unbound Medicine, have launched a new mobile resource which gives clinicians full clinical evidence notes from the BMJ Clinical Evidence database

The device will help clinicians make evidence-based decisions at a patient’s bedside using a personal digital assistant (PDA), allowing them to quickly review the efficacy of treatment options based on the best available evidence.

Charles Young, editor of BMJ Clinical Evidence told E-Health Insider: “Doctors and trainees are increasingly expected to base patient management decisions on published research findings. We previously released our database for summary viewing on mobile devices, but this agreement will see clinicians able to read complete reports.

“Beta testing in the US has been successful and we are delighted to be launching the product in the states now. Hopefully its success will mean clinicians here express an interest and begin using the system to offer patients treatments. We have just signed our first agreement with the United Health Foundation in America where 500,000 clinicians will use the system.”

Clinicians who use the service can synchronise their devices with the database and receive monthly updates on what’s known – and not known – about more than 200 medical conditions and over 2000 treatments.

Frank Domino, managing director, associate professor and clerkship director in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School said the service was ideal as the BMJ was a trusted source.

“For clinicians to integrate evidence-based medicine into their practices, the literature analysis needs to come from a well-respected source and to be readily available anywhere…BMJ Clinical Evidence on a PDA would do this perfectly.”

Rachel Armitage, publishing director at BMJ added: “The PDA version of BMJ Clinical Evidence makes it easier than ever before for clinicians to make the kind of evidence-based treatment decisions that are essential for patient care.”

BMJ have put the system on sale now and BMJ hope to see it become a huge success within the next year.

Bill Detmer, president and CEO of Unbound Medicine, said: “The practicality of BMJ Clinical Evidence makes it ideal for immediate reference in a clinical setting. In addition, users who want more detail can drill down to an in depth analysis of the benefits of individual treatments based on the research evidence.”

Full specification and pricing details are available on the BMJ Clinical Evidence website