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France’s Centre Hospitalier de la Region d’Annecy has installed an advanced bedside communications and entertainment system supplied by Ireland-based Lincor Solutions.

The MediVista system enables both patient bedside entertainment and provides authorised hospital staff with access to clinical data.

The new system has been implemented across all 620 beds at Centre Hospitalier de la Region d’Annecy (CHRA), a state-of-the-art hospital in the Annecy region of north east France.

It will allow all in-patients to access Digital TV and radio services, cable internet and VoIP telephony. Each in-patient can use features enabling him to pause, rewind and replay his favourite programmes at will.

Jean-Pascal Saide, healthcare business development manager, at French telecoms firm Alcatel-Lucent said, “Working in partnership with Lincor Solutions we have been able to install a high-tech, reliable, scalable communications and entertainment system for the medical staff, administrators and patients at CHRA.

He added: “In-patients now have access to a level of automation, information and entertainment services not previously experienced in French hospitals.”

Jean-Christophe Mear, business development manager at Lincor Solutions commented, “The patient’s well-being at CHRA is enhanced by having access to the same entertainment and communication services they have at home.”

Mear added that the hospital’s, productivity and patient safety is improved by giving medical staff the ability to access clinical applications at the point of care. “Working closely with Alcatel-Lucent we have installed the most advanced staff/patient infotainment system in France.”

Lincor says it now has an installed base of 10,000 systems installed in over 40 hospitals worldwide.