Swindon and Marlborough NHS Trust has implemented a JAC e-prescribing module alongside its existing pharmacy module, allowing it to manage its formulary and prescribing policies centrally.

The trust has introduced JAC’s Outpatient e-Prescribing Module to 27 clinic rooms and around 80 prescribing users, following a short pilot. It is hoping that all outpatient prescribing will be done via the JAC system within 12 months.

More than 90% of outpatient prescriptions were generated by using a written FP10, which is then taken to a local community pharmacy. The trust wanted to control the resulting costs as a means of reducing its overall drug expenditure.

A key reason for choosing the JAC system was that it could be integrated with the trust’s existing pharmacy module. This allows it to take an integrated approach to medicines management and control costs by a number of means, such as offering prescribers default drug and supply options or restricting their choice to the trust’s approved drugs.

JAC says this is the first time that the Outpatient e-prescribing Module has been used so extensively, and also the first time that an FP10 outpatient prescription template approved by the Prescription Pricing Authority has been used with the JAC system.

Carl Partridge, the trust’s chief pharmacist said: “Although we are at an early stage, go-live has been a smooth process and we are now looking to extend coverage to smaller areas of out-patient prescribing that occur within the trust.

“This will include both on and off site areas with the goal of all out-patient prescribing being done via the JAC system within the next 12 months.”


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