BridgeForward Software has launched a version of its ClearSpan integration server for GPs and primary care.

Physician Integrator has been unveiled ahead of the annual HIMMS technology conference in Chicago at the start of next month. It has been designed to integrate a number of US systems, including the personal health record systems launched by Microsoft and Google.

However, BridgeForward says the product will integrate almost any GP or primary care system “with virtually any other system that requires connectivity” and that it will therefore will help English GPs and primary care trusts with their connectivity requirements.

John Moriarty, chief executive of BridgeForward, told E-Health Insider: “Our technology addresses the importance of IT integration in an ambulatory care setting, where integration requirements are monumental and the benefits to patients can be really significant.

“The software allows connectivity between GPs, hospital information systems and personal health records to provide a communication mechanism, which allows information to be acquired, converted and delivered seamlessly.”

Many practices use several software applications throughout various departments, leading to information being generated in different formats and needing to be converted.

Physician Integration is built on BridgeForward’s ClearSpan server platform, currently used in more than 3,000 practices in the UK and US. It can be installed on existing office hardware or in a hosted environment.

Moriarty added: “The amount of positive response we’re getting to the software, particularly from private independent hospital groups in the UK has really caught us by surprise.”