iSoft has won a two-year €1.65m contract with German private healthcare group Damp Holding AG to provide an integrated radiology information system and picture archiving and communications system.

The enterprise wide system will connect the radiology departments at Damp Holding’s six acute care hospitals across Germany and an operating centre in Denmark. The deal, which includes support and maintenance, covers iSOFT’s RadCentre Enterprise system.

Dr Andreas Göpfert, divisional manager of medical services and quality at Damp Holdings, said: “RadCentre Enterprise is a future-proof solution that provides a platform for expansion and integrated services that will underpin our continued success.

"With RadCentre we will have a common platform across all radiology departments to increase efficiency and reduce patient waiting times. The flexibility and scalability of the application allows us to implement our cooperation strategy and the promise of film-free radiology processes with non-location specific reports was an important factor in our choice.”

Peter Herrmann, managing director of iSOFT Central Europe, said: “There is a marked trend in Europe for hospitals to cooperate to become ‘fit for the future’ as they face greater competition.”

He said the new system would help end the difficulties and delays experienced by the hospitals in retrieving images and reports, and will help make more efficient use of staff time and resources.

“With instant access to detailed diagnostic reports, doctors can make decisions quickly to improve the quality of healthcare.”