An EU agency has called for governments to set up a single Computer Emergency Response Team to improve the resilience of their computer networks.

The European Network and Information Safety Agency (ENISA) says computer and information networks are now as important as power or water networks, and should be protected accordingly.

In a report surveying member states’ arrangements for defending them against physical and cyber attacks, it notes that: “disruptions, unavailability or defective performance of e-communications networks can have a disastrous effect on European citizens and on social welfare in general.”

However, the survey by ENISA and Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services Belgium, found that many EU member countries have overlapping policies and agencies with responsibilities in this area.

It recommends streamlining these and developing an “integrated and holistic national risk management process”, with a single Computer Emergency Response Team or CERT to oversee the work or co-ordinate the work of the different CERTs that some EU countries already have in place.

It also says that the European Commission should consider whether a pan-European strategy is needed and calls for more information to be made available to member states on best practice. To help in this, the report includes “inspiring cases” of good practice for others to follow.

Link: Resilient e-Communications Networks: analysis of member states’ policies and regulations.