The largest clinical governance software specialist in the Netherlands has announced it is looking to sign its first UK clients.

The Patient Safety Company currently provides clinical governance systems to 40% of the healthcare market in the Netherlands.

The company says that it is bringing the software to the UK as a “reaction to the increasing pressure for trusts to provide better joined-up clinical governance.”

It argues that many of the systems used in the UK do not provide the total integrated governance that trusts need to provide suitable incident reporting capabilities.

Les Parsonson, general manager of The Patient Safety Company, told E-Health Europe: “I have been speaking to a number of UK hospitals regarding the systems that they are using.

“It is clear in some cases that the systems they have had in place for some time now do not provide the correct level of reporting and management analysis that they would like to reduce harm to patients.”

The company developed the Incident Management System (IMS) in response to certified Clinical Risk Management Systems (CRMS) becoming mandatory for all hospitals in the Netherlands at the beginning of 2008.

The firm’s IMS software acts as the foundation to the CRMS and serves as a portal to several kinds of reports including complaints and patient incidents and provides data for incident analysis and reporting.

Parsonson said: “The real benefits of our system are in the analysis tools, quality improvement and benchmarking tools and in the system’s ability to seamlessly link to any PAS, HIS and HR system.”

He added: “We are currently in the process of identifying up to three hospitals in the UK that could really benefit from implementing our CRMS. In return, we will provide our system for a nominal one-off charge.”


The Patient Safety Company