NHS Bury’s implementation of Lorenzo will change the working practices of 600 of its 800 staff, across 31 community services.

The primary care trust has issued a statement to E-Health Insider that expands on the announcement that it will implement Lorenzo Regional Care Release 1.9 (LRC R1.9) in November, when it will migrate off its current patient administration system.

NHS Bury says staff are testing the product and working with local service provider CSC to make sure it is fit for purpose.

In April, director general of informatics Christine Connelly set the National Programme for IT in the NHS’s remaining local service providers, CSC and BT, deadlines for “significant” progress with the ‘strategic’ systems they are due to deliver.

She said that CSC must get iSoft’s Lorenzo into a care setting by November and working smoothly in an acute setting by March.

NHS Bury’s statement says: “Early next year, LRC 1.9 will be able to have documents such as paper referrals uploaded into the system directly attached to the patient’s episode of care.

“This will enable all information to be stored within the patient record, allowing healthcare professionals to view documentation instantly.”

It also details that from early next year, the system will allow staff to enter clinical information directly into standardised electronic documentation.

“This will include the ability to record allergies and health issues as well as being able to complete clinical assessments," it states.

“The trust expects to increase efficiency by reducing the number of times a patient is asked for basic health information, maximising clinical time. Additional functionality will be gradually rolled out across services."

Stephen Mills, chief executive of NHS Bury, said: “At NHS Bury, we believe that having good IT systems in place supports our staff in providing the best possible care for our patients.

“The trust has previously been involved in successful early adopter programmes, such as GP2GP and NHS Summary Care Records, which can improve the safety and quality of patient care.

“We are pleased that we are once again leading the way with Lorenzo Regional Care and plan to introduce this system to all eligible community services by the end of November.”