IMS Maxims has launched a new application for the iPad to allow trusts using their patient administration and electronic patient record system to access information at the point of care.

The Maxims Bedside app, which is launched today, allows iPad users to view patient records, including demographics, clinical details, alerts, allergies, vital signs and results. It also includes search functionality and an image of the patient.

Shane Tickell, chief executive of IMS Maxims, told E-Health Insider during an EHI TV interview: “One of the biggest challenges to the successful adoption of EPRs is the availability of the record to view and the ability to input at the point of care.

"I was recently on a ward with 30 beds, five bays, 10-12 staff and one PC! The immediate availability of our iPad applications offer something robust, good value and clinically safe, as well as highly usable.”

IMS Maxims has already developed a healthcare app for the iPhone, but claims to be one of the first companies to develop one for the iPad, which was launched only last week.

He added: “With the iPad we’ve now got an application to really take patient information at a relative cost and securely to a clinical setting and the point of care where it’s really needed most.

“Of course security is paramount when dealing with patient information and all our applications are web based, so nothing is actually stored on any device other than the secure servers and once connection is lost, the data is unavailable.”

The company claims that it has several customers already expressing an interest in trialling the iPad and is also working with its existing clients to validate the product.

Tickell added: “Other devices are heavy and the screen size makes it difficult to put usable information onto the devices. The iPad is light and although it may need more testing it provides real potential to be easy to use.

“After it’s fully validated I think they’ll be a lot more interest and once we start to get more people familiar and using the technology, we’re very aware that the NHS talks to its neighbours and that the interest will grow.”



IMS Maxims