A mobile app that allows patients to access all their medical information has now integrated with three major GP suppliers, making it available to more than 98% of England. 

Evergreen Life first went live with EMIS last August and more recently TPP in June 2017 and Vision in July.

The service, which is on the NHS App Store, was developed by national healthcare company Evergreen Life which acquired PAERS Ltd, pioneers in online patient record access, and was accredited by the NHS in March this year.

Apps labelled ‘being tested in the NHS’ or ‘NHS Approved’ are part of an NHS programme. The Evergreen app is on the NHSD Framework, part of GPSoC Lot 1.

The app links a personal health record (PHR) with patient-facing services (PFS).

Brian Fisher, semi-retired GP and clinical and strategy director for Evergreen, said the aim is to help give patients more control, within the law, to own their own records.

He said since launching the app and going live with the suppliers, they have received good feedback from both patients and GPs.

“They say that the look and feel of the website and app are clean and simple and that using the app is straightforward and saves time and effort”, Fisher said.

“Practices are pleased with our responsiveness and our keenness to get things right and make things work smoothly for everyone.”

“We know, for instance, that having access to your GP record saves you and your practice time: if a third of a practice’s patients were to access their GP record at least twice a year, 10% of appointments would be saved, as people no longer have to come in to discuss simple things. They can book appointments without having to phone.”

Admittedly, Fisher said it has not been easy making the different systems from the different suppliers’ work in all circumstances.

“For the newer linkages, with TPP and with Vision, it is taking us a little time to ensure that all our services do everything that we want them to do.”

The app’s PHR enables you to add your health and fitness information such as blood pressure, cholesterol or body measurements. You can add your ‘over the counter’ medicines and it offers you reminders to take your medicines.

The PFS element enables you to access your GP record including test results, book GP appointments and order repeat prescriptions.

“We have begun offering targeted health messaging that will increasingly help people take the best health decisions for themselves”, Fisher said.

A target of one million users by July 2018 has been set by the company. “We listen to what our users are telling us, both GPs and patients, and we constantly improve our design and our delivery. The larger our population, the better we are going to serve them.”

Currently there are a total of over 250,000 users and 49,932 downloads of the app. Roughly the app gains about 3000 people a week on average.

Key benefits (Source: Evergreen Life)

  • saves time and appointments
  • robust – During the recent Wannacry cybercrisis, when many GP practices could no longer access their data, patients using our app and website were still able to access their data – and share it with their GPs and consultants
  • safer for everyone –  data can be securely shared and the patient can become the glue that holds the NHS together
  • Offers the prospect of a holistic patient-centred record – we hope to bring together all your relevant health and care data in one place: your primary, secondary care and social care data