Evergreen Life PHR is the latest NHS-approved mobile app that allows patients to access all their medical information.

The app, developed by national healthcare company Evergreen Life which acquired PAERS Ltd, pioneers in online patient record access, was accredited by the NHS in March and is now available for patients in all EMIS practices across England to download.

Apps labelled ‘being tested in the NHS’ or ‘NHS Approved’ are part of an NHS programme. The Evergreen app is on the NHSD Framework, part of GPSoC Lot 1.

The app links a personal health record (PHR) with patient-facing services (PFS).

The PHR enables you to add your health and fitness information such as blood pressure, cholesterol or body measurements. You can add your ‘over the counter’ medicines and it offers you reminders to take your medicines.

The PFS element enables you to access your GP record including test results, book GP appointments and order repeat prescriptions.

Brian Fisher, semi-retired GP and clinical and strategy director for Evergreen, said the aim is to help give patients more control, within the law, to own their own records.

“It helps people stay in control of their health and health care. All of that is in the palm of their hand”, Fisher said.

“They can find ways to keep fit, get medicine reminders, there is also a share and care service which means they can share records with carers, GPs and consultants.”

Fisher said the app is currently available through 50% of practices in England through EMIS. However, it will be available nationwide within the next few weeks when it will integrate with all other major systems making it available to 99% of people in England.

“After much hard work and sweat, our web service was accepted onto the NHS Digital Framework for Patient-Facing Services in GPSoC Lot 1 in August 16 – we were the first SME to achieve that.”

He said a significant benefit of the setup for GP practices and patients is that it makes care safer and more efficient.

“People can take their data and share it across the system, so if your record can’t be found in Out Patients, you can share the record immediately.”

“It improves compliance, it encourages shared decision-making, it improves understanding and trust”, Fisher said.