The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE) is set to select Orion Health as their new software supplier.

The intention to award the contract to Orion Health was announced in CHIEs August bulletin. The contract is expected to be signed within the next month.

Currently CHIE uses Graphnet’s CareCentric software, which has been the vendor for the shared record system since it began in 2003.

Lisa Franklin, Hampshire and Isle of Wight CIO and senior responsible officer at Wessex Care Record, said: “We are looking forward to this next chapter in the CHIE journey which is a fantastic opportunity for us to continue to implement new and innovative digital technologies in order to support the on-going development of local shared health and care records.

“CHIE is the foundation on which we will be able to build patient held records, population health, and analytics to improve the quality of care to our patients and service users.”

During the deployment of the new system the CHIE will continue to be available without disruption, the bulletin added. Stakeholders and users will be given regular updates on the programme, including the opportunity to provide feedback on any issues.

Emma Davis, CHIE clinical lead and GP, added: “In partnership with Orion we are taking our work to the next level improving our connections, sharing care knowledge and leading the way to patient-led care.

“I am really excited by the new development, and I am looking forward to where the technology will take healthcare professionals and patient care in the future.”

Isle of Wight NHS Trust and 16 GP surgeries on the island joined the CHIE, formerly known as the Hampshire Health Record, in May 2018.

Since CHIE launched 16 years ago, more than 87 million documents have been shared between doctors, nurses, social workers and pharmacists in Hampshire.

The shared record system forms part of the Wessex Local Health and Care Record Exemplar (LHCRE), along with Dorset Care Record.

Dorset Care Record signed a £7.8m five-year contract with Orion Health to supply shared records software in 2017.

The contract brings together information from hospitals, GPs, community teams and local councils, enabling summary details of a person’s medical or care history to be accessed in one place.

The project is led by Dorset County Council, working in partnership with local NHS organisations and borough councils. Each will contribute to the overall cost of the project, which is estimated at £20 million over 10-years.