PatientSource will offer a free, pared-down version of its electronic patient record (EPR) software to help healthcare organisations cope with the increased strain caused by coronavirus.

The adapted version of the PatientSource EPR features a cloud-based electronic observation module complete with patient trackers and ward whiteboard tools adapted to COVID-19 patients.

This will enable healthcare professionals to keep a ‘digital eye’ over the ever-increasing number of coronavirus patients and quickly identify the most critical, frail or deteriorating patients.

According to PatientSource, the web-based software can be installed and ready to go within an hour.

Dr Michael Brooks, chief medical officer and co-founder of PatientSource, said: “Our PatientSource COVID-19 tracker will show you which affected patients are in your hospital or ward, what their latest vitals are, the plans for escalation, and who the expected incoming cases are in real-time.

“This allows you to identify the patients who need oxygen bays and the patients who need critical care input, allowing you to allocate limited resources to those who need them quickly.

“A doctor or nurse can walk onto a ward with just one tablet and access everything they need.”

The Department of Health and Social Care has suggested that private hospitals and possibly requisition hotels could be called upon to help deal with the ever-growing number of NHS patients.

PatientSource hopes that the capabilities of its EPR will support overstretched medical services both in the UK and across the globe.

“COVID-19 is a virus that spreads quickly and causes an appreciable minority of people to need hospital care,” said Dr Brooks.

“Put those two figures together, and you get a virus that will easily overwhelm any country’s healthcare system.

“Hospitals across the globe are going to be saturated and will struggle to cope.”

“As an Emergency Department Clinician I acutely understand the challenges faced by my peers in caring for large numbers of patients with limited staff resources. This offer aligns to my founding ethos for PatientSource of better patient care; I hope we can help.”

Interested companies can register their interest by emailing