The Digital Health Virtual Summer School continues today following a jam-packed first day. 

On July 23, attendees heard from Sarah Wilkinson, the CEO of NHS Digital and listened to a number of case studies which highlighted how teams had responded to the Covid-19 pandemic.

They also heard from Sonia Patel, NHSX CIO and Natasha Phillips, the first CNIO at NHSX, who reflected on how quickly the NHS adopted digital tools and the importance of continuing to drive innovation.

Sonia spoke of how the pandemic felt like the “CIO’s hour” as all their ideas around technology that previously might have been overlooked became essential.

While Natasha said one of her takeaways from the pandemic was that while we “reimagine” healthcare it’s important to keep everyone on board.

Shuri Network makes welcome return

The inspirational women of the Shuri Network also made a welcome return as the organisation celebrated its first anniversary.

One year on, co-founders, Dr Shera Chok and Sarah Amani returned to the Digital Health Virtual Summer School and said the network too off in a way which they organisation “couldn’t ever have imagined”.

“For the first time we are hearing the experiences of women of colour in digital health,” she added.

She also highlighted the fact that the network shines a light on those who have never usually had a voice.

Dr Chok was part of a panel discussion which also featured Dr Nikki Kanani, GP and medical director of Primary Care at NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Dr Kanani said it was time to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” with respect to the BME agenda in digital health.

“This is our chance to speak up,” she added.

The Virtual Summer Schools will return today (July 24) with international keynotes from New Zealand and Australia as well as a keynote from NHSX CEO, Matthew Gould.

You can follow all the latest updates from the Digital Health Virtual Summer School by following the #DHVSS20 hashtag on Twitter.