Nottinghamshire County Council has begun working with Servelec to enable interoperability between the council and local trusts.

The Discharge to Assess solution is built on Servelec’s Conexes interoperability platform and was designed and developed by the council to support hospital discharge processes.

It enables direct system to system messaging and updates between Servelec’s Mosaic social care case management system and electronic patient records (EPR) at the county’s acute trusts.

Staff at the council are provided with an up-to-date view of patient progress and history, making referrals both quicker and safer. Having all the correct information in one place also saves staff time and allows patients to be discharged sooner into social care.

The project was undertaken as part of the NHS Digital Pathfinders programme. In November 2019 the council secured funding from the centre to scale up and roll out its interoperability solutions to other organisations.

James Palmer, NHS Digital programme head of the Social Care Programme, said: “The health and social care integration programme that has been developed in Nottinghamshire has already brought many benefits locally.

“We are keen to support wider awareness and adoption of these services across the country so these benefits can be realised at a national level.”

Melanie Brooks, corporate director for adult social care and health at the council, added: “Nottinghamshire County Council have been trailblazers in developing a solution that enables social care staff to view a person’s up to date health information which saves time and enables them to be discharged more quickly and safely from hospital.

“This has not only benefited our staff, but also has helped to free up hospital beds and ensure people are supported to return to independence in the right environment.”

Discharge to Assess has been working at all Hospital Trusts in Nottinghamshire since July 2020.

The county council and Servelec intend to make the solution available to other councils and trusts from April 2021.