Coordinate My Care has integrated with the NHS National Record Locator, the provider has confirmed.

The move sees the 72,000 Londoners with existing Coordinate My Care (CMC) urgent care plans connected to all urgent care services across England.

It allows emergency services across the country to access their CMC urgent care plan should a person require care outside of their local area.

CMC said it was a huge step forward in achieving its plan to be a national urgent care planning service.

Urgent care plans from CMC communicate a patient’s information across every setting from their home to their GP, hospitals and ambulance services.

Professor Julia Riley, clinical lead for Coordinate My Care, said: “This is the future. The future is patient centred care underpinned by digital technology that enables truly seamless, co-ordinated care wherever you are.

“This development means a great deal to the CMC team that has worked tirelessly to co-ordinate high quality care for patients.  It is, however, even more important to the patients whom we support, and I would like to thank everyone involved for helping to make this happen.

“Our integration with the NRL will surely see increased positive patient outcomes and reduction of inappropriate hospital admissions around the country.  The future for the NHS is to deliver more cohesive patient centred care.

“These records are available in London and as further ambulance trusts and care providers come on board with the NRL we’ll really see the benefit in improved care for our patients.”

The South London Health Innovation Network (HIN) recently won £200,000 funding to roll out Coordinate My Care (CMC) to ensure health and social care professionals have access to patient’s urgent care plans.

The HIN is working closely with NHS colleagues across London to identify a project in each of the five sustainability and transformation partnership (STP) areas to accelerate the adoption of CMC to match address local priorities.

The scheme will fund local clinicians to focus on championing CMC with their peers and clinical colleagues with the aim to embed CMC in local care pathways.