The latest Digital Health News industry roundup includes NHS Shared Business Services collaborating with Oracle and Glasgow-based health tech company MR CoilTech receiving ISO accreditation.

NHS SBS selects Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning

NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) has selected Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to help build an Integrated Single Financial Environment (ISFE) for NHS England.

Oracle Cloud ERP will enable NHS England and 42 Integrated Care Boards in the UK to standardize all financial processes on a single cloud-based platform to reduce costs and improve controls.

With Oracle Cloud ERP, NHS SBS will automate financial processes to increase operational efficiency, improve decision-making, and more efficiently manage resources.

Erika Bannerman, managing director of NHS SBS, said: “As the country’s leading provider of corporate services to the NHS, we are uniquely equipped to continue providing the Integrated Single Financial Environment to our evolving healthcare system.”

Glasgow health tech company MR CoilTech receives ISO accreditation

Glasgow-based engineering company MR CoilTech has been awarded globally recognised ISO accreditation from the British Standards Institution (BSI) for the design, development and production of medical devices, in partnership with the University of Glasgow and InnoScot Health.

MR CoilTech design, test and manufacture specialised radiofrequency (RF) coils, the devices responsible for generating and receiving the signal required to produce images of the body, for new generation, ultra-high field MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners.

The specialised, world-leading coils developed by MR CoilTech enable greater resolution brain scanning, supporting researchers to learn more about brain conditions such as stroke, vascular dementia, brain tumours, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease in greater detail than previously possible.

Dr Shajan Gunamony, director of MR CoilTech and head of MRI RF Engineering at University of Glasgow, said: “Achieving this internationally recognised quality standard will provide assurance to our customers in the quality, safety and efficiency of our RF coils.

“This accreditation will support MR CoilTech to continue to grow and deliver devices worldwide to enhance advanced imaging and allow researchers to study images at an exceptionally high resolution, advancing research and perhaps leading to new ways to diagnose or treat patients.”

Global interoperability leader Lyniate rebrands as Rhapsody

Lyniate, a global leader in healthcare data interoperability, has rebranded as Rhapsody. The company, founded as Rhapsody in 2018, changed its name to Lyniate in 2019 following its merger with Corepoint Health.

After four years, the company has chosen to return to the Rhapsody name to leverage the brand’s global recognition, trademark protection, and distribution channels.

As part of the decision, leadership has reaffirmed its deep commitment to both the Corepoint and Rhapsody integration engine technology teams and customer bases, and to all of the technologies and customers that have come into the organization through merger activity, including CareCom, NextGate, and Datica’s integration business.

Going forward, the company will use the Rhapsody brand for its suite of interoperability solutions and will maintain the Corepoint brand for the Corepoint Integration Engine component of the suite.

World’s first digital cancer support clinic raises £3.4m seed funding to expand services

Perci Health, the world’s first online platform that gives people access to multidisciplinary, supportive care throughout their cancer journey, has raised £3.4 million in a seed round led by  Octopus Ventures.

This will allow the company to further invest in its technology roadmap, continue to expand the team and grow access for cancer patients through new partnerships with large employers and insurers.

Co-founder of Perci Health, Kelly McCabe, said: “Over the past year, we’ve been able to support many people affected by cancer to access high quality, one-to-one clinical care, delivered by an incredible community of cancer specialists who are typically hard to access outside of the UK’s large cancer centres.

“Investment from Octopus Ventures is validation of the size and importance of the problem we are trying to solve and our approach blending the very best of technology and human experts to create a scalable, sustainable healthcare model.”

Radar Healthcare launches new enhanced audit software

Radar Healthcare has launched a new and improved audits module to help health and social care providers transform auditing processes.

The module, which went live last month, enables users to access a market leading audit and assessment module in the same place as their risk, quality, and compliance software.

The enhanced module allows users to continue their audit with or without internet access, meaning health and care providers no longer need to factor in user access to computers or internet into audit timelines.

It has been created in partnership with Radar Healthcare’s customers through its forums and Beta groups and will allow customers to integrate audits with workflows within the same system.

As an upgrade of Radar Healthcare’s existing module, the new and improved version will enable customers to fully configure audits to the specific needs of their organisation or setting.