Qure.ai has announced its integration into deepc’s AI platform, deepcOS, in a strategic move that will help enhance patient care workflows and address the escalating demands on radiologists.

The new partnership will see Qure.ai’s CE Class IIB MDR Cleared AI solutions for chest x-ray, chest CTs and musculoskeletal x-rays integrated with deepcOS.

The move will help open up access to innovative AI technology for healthcare providers in the EU and UK. These AI solutions act as a second pair of eyes to help drive more informed decision-making.

They also work to streamline processes and support faster diagnostics. As a result, patient care is improved and quicker decisions on treatment are made, which ultimately leads to better patient outcomes.

The integration of Qure.ai’s AI-powered solutions will help to significantly improve the accuracy of radiological findings and help to minimise the risk of missed findings.

Darren Stephens, SVP & commercial head UK & EU at Qure.ai, said: “We believe that the Qure.ai and deepc collaboration is a fantastic opportunity to further support healthcare systems, simplifying radiological diagnostics and enhancing patient care. This aligns with the proactive push for AI-enabled healthcare across the NHS and healthcare delivery systems.”

Deepc’s radiology AI platform is designed to support and optimise radiological diagnostics through a range of applications.

With radiologists under increasing demand due to the growing use of medical imaging and a surge in data volumes, the new integration will help make care coordination workflows more efficient. The tools developed by Qure.ai help prioritise actionable patient cases quickly, ensuring healthcare professionals know where to focus their time first.

Dr Franz Pfister, CEO and co-founder at deepc, said: “The integration of Qure.ai’s AI solutions into deepcOS is part of a pivotal moment in the adoption of radiology AI in the EU and UK.

“By harnessing the power of our expansive assortment of AI solutions, we are not merely providing technology; we are catalysing a transformative shift in healthcare delivery. Together, we are empowering clinicians, ensuring timely and accurate diagnoses that elevate the standard of patient care.”

In September of this year, deepc announced a partnership with BT which was designed to tackle waiting time in diagnostics and speed up diagnosis.