A collaboration between eConsult Health and Google Cloud is aiming to support innovation in healthcare through their use of artificial intelligence.

eConsult will leverage Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform to speed up the delivery of its vision for fast, safe and effective digital triage. Its goal is to support every patient with the care they need, when they need it and from the right care provider.

The platform will be used to deliver high-value use cases for end-user clinicians. eConsult will be supported to integrate Large Language Models (LLMs) into its digital triage products used in primary and secondary care.

Dr Murray Ellender, practising GP, co-founder and CEO of eConsult said: “As a company committed to constantly innovating to support the NHS, partnering with Google Cloud to integrate generative AI even deeper into our product offerings is therefore a logical step. By integrating cutting-edge generative AI into our digital triage platform, we are going to be able to support both patients and healthcare professionals, revolutionising access, and ensuring a new standard of excellence in care delivery. Together, we are committed to an ethical and impactful AI integration journey, offering care betterment for all.”

The company selected Google Cloud for the collaboration, thanks to its reputation as a world leader in machine learning and data science. eConsult also noted that its systems incorporate privacy by design. As eConsult integrates generative AI into its products, the capabilities will be rolled out across all access points into the NHS.

Adrian Poole, director, Digital Natives UKI, Google Cloud, said: “Generative AI is fundamentally changing how many institutions operate, fuelling a new era of cloud that can benefit virtually every area of an organisation.

“By utilising Google Cloud’s leading gen AI capabilities, eConsult can unlock new insights, ensuring patients receive the best care they need.”

Earlier this month we brought you the news that eConsult has teamed up with Vodafone, in a bid to reduce wait times and streamline patient care. The organisation’s digital triage solution, eTriage, will be underpinned by Vodafone’s secure digital infrastructure.