Jersey General Hospital has successfully implemented System C’s critical care solution, CareFlow, marking a significant milestone in its digital transformation journey.

The solution has been rolled out in its adult and neonatal intensive care units. As a result, Jersey General Hospital can boost patient safety as well as fulfil several higher-level HIMSS digital maturity accreditation requirements.

System C’s CareFlow was initially implemented in the neonatal intensive care unit in May 2023, before being extended to the adult ICU six months later. Clinicians are now able to save time by gaining ready access to patient information by combining data from multiple sources and tailoring it and relevant tasks to meet specific clinical purposes. This is also supporting informed decision making, enhancing patient safety.

Care plans are available in a central Clinical Data Repository, which allows staff to digitally important, export and create clinical documents as needed.

Dr Alun Roberts consultant intensivist, Jersey General Hospital, said: “It’s user friendly and allows much improved capture of clinical data.

“New and established staff members can take a much more effective approach to care planning; as a result, there is more accurate data on which to base the clinical decisions. The system is flexible and scalable, and can surge capacity to meet growing demand, as can be required when flu, covid or other diseases strike.”

The system is fully interoperable allowing data from the core EPR to be sent and received back into Jersey’s data warehouses for centralised reporting. This supports the organisation in analysing and reporting on performance and improving its services.

The hospital has also gained the capability to benchmark itself against other providers, leveraging newly consolidated data. Initiatives such as this are key requirements for HIMSS digital maturity accreditation. The hospital previously went live with MAXIMS electronic patient record in July 2023 on its path to achieving digital maturity.

Nick Wilson, CEO of System C, said: “Achieving higher levels of digital maturity in order to deliver improved patient outcomes, is a key ambition for most healthcare providers, and we are proud to help Jersey on this mission. We tailor our technology to best meet clinical and operational needs through regular engagement with hospital staff, demonstrating the clear value and versatility of our digital healthcare solutions. We are looking forward to supporting Jersey in the next phases of its digital transformation plans.”

Plans are already underway to further bolster patient safety through integrations with existing systems, including System C’s electronic prescribing and medicines administration system and its new Closed Loop Medicines software with Positive Patient and specific medication identification.

In addition, the wider digital maturity programme of work at Jersey will see the future deployment of CareFlow’s Digital Anaesthesia and Mobile solutions, which facilitate closed-loop workflows for medicines administration, specimen collection, milk tracking and blood tracking and transfusion. Jersey will also deploy CareFlow’s Controlled Drugs Manager to further digitise record keeping and surveillance.