Canadian mobile technology specialists Medical Intelligence Technologies Inc. has signed a letter of intent with British telecare specialists Tunstall for UK distribution of its GPS-enabled Columba telecare bracelet.

The Columba (right) is a watch size bracelet combining a hands-free portable telephone, an intelligent alert system and a global positioning system (GPS). When necessary, it transmits the precise location of the person wearing the bracelet. The system is designed for use by patients suffering conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

In a state of emergency, when the person requires help, or is wandering or straying, the Tunstall call centre is able to not only locate the wearer through the bracelet, but also to speak to them using the hands-free mobile phone system integrated into the portable.

The Columbia bracelet also automatically detects any wandering outside a defined security zone, previously defined by relatives and health professionals, such as within the perimeter of the patient’s home.

As soon as the person strays beyond this zone, the medical assistance center is automatically alerted, and contacts the family in order to coordinate assistance. This, says Colomba, ensure comfort and peace of mind for the relatives of those stricken by Alzheimer’s

One of the attractions of the system is that it does not require devices or sensors to be installed in a patient’s home.

Medical Intelligence Technologies say the bracelet allows greater personal liberty and ensures security of those living with Alzheimer’s who have a propensity for wandering.

Tunstall will establish and operate the telesecurity service call centres and provide after-sales technical services for the bracelet, including the required staff, hardware and physical space.

A spokesperson for Tunstall confirmed that the letter of intent (LOI) had been signed but refused to comment on the bracelet until the product is released onto the market.

Tunstall will be the official distributors of Columba in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, and the bracelet will be released initially in the UK.

Louis Massicotte, president-founder and chief executive of Medical Intelligence said: “This major LOI, the second to be signed in recent weeks, is aimed at helping Medical Intelligence’s expansion efforts in Europe and other overseas country, with an initial focus on the UK. We felt that partnering with a telecare solutions leader such as Tunstall would greatly help our expansion strategy.”

The Columba bracelet is currently in use in France, distributed by mobile phone network Orange and in Spain, distributed by mobile phone network Telefonica Moviles Espana

The company has also signed a letter of intent with Bosch Security Systems to have Columba distributed in Germany and are in talks to release the product in the USA & Canada.

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