InferMed has announced a successful collaboration with Siemens to integrate data from electronic medical records with electronic clinical trials data.

The joint solution from InferMed and Siemens offers a scalable, automatic transfer of data between the Siemens electronic medical record (EMR) system and the Macro Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system from InferMed.

This overcomes interoperability challenges previously associated with systems that operate on different technical platforms, or work from within distinct business environments.

The pilot implementation was designed at the Technical University of Munich’s Frauenklink to create an automatic electronic data transfer platform for two studies focusing on women’s health.

One of the studies was to evaluate the effectiveness of the various types of chemotherapy on women with breast cancer. The second study was to evaluate the diagnostic value of the use of motion correction algorithms on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

By using the highly flexible data solution, clinicians and research staff were able to automatically view, retrieve and disseminate clean data, while reducing the effort of manually collecting and entering trial data.

Historically, the capture of clinical trial data has been labour intensive and error-prone, requiring data to be manually transcribed into a paper case report form or, more recently, entered manually into internet-based data capture systems.

Preliminary results of the study show an increase of efficiency for all involved parties.

Professor Harbeck, principal investigator at The Frauenklink said: “The Technical University of Munich’s academic medical centre benefits greatly from using data from our existing clinical information system for clinical trial activities, and we will continue to explore and use all relevant data sources at the medical centre to support our clinical research activities.”

“Having a solution that significantly improves study efficacy whilst enabling real-time data availability for clinical trial sites can only serve to revolutionise study management” said Duane Lawrence, CEO InferMed Ltd.

Dr. Gudrun Zahlmann, the project lead from Siemens AG, Healthcare sector said: “This innovative solution has proven to be efficient in reducing the time effort of the study nurses for data documentation to one third compared to the old paper-based process. All clinical trial related data is available within 24-hours in a high quality, clean format and in accordance with the regulatory requirements.”