Shropshire County PCT has implemented the Datix Safety Alerts system to notify staff when any clinical incident happens.

The Datix Safety Alerts system is used to notify PCT staff about medical equipment in need of checking or replacement.

Additionally, Department of Health estates alerts about buildings and domestic equipment are dealt with via the new system which communicates with the Department of Health’s Safety Alert Broadcast System.

Peter Foord, risk advisor at Shropshire County PCT, said: “Information is now recorded centrally in DATIX, the Safety Alerts module displays a list of staff who have been sent the alert and highlights where a response is still required. We no longer have to look through piles of paper to check responses – it is now a one page job.”

The PCT also uses the system to track National Patient Safety Agency alerts and guidance on medical techniques. The software keeps a full reporting and audit trail which can be easily viewed to show that an effective system of governance is in place to assure quality and safety.

According to the PCT the system is easy to use and has simple reporting functionality, which was vital to its plans to distribute the system to large numbers of different people.

These include GP surgeries and community hospitals, as well as community teams such as health visitors, district nurses, specialist nurses, community dental services and prison health care.

As the system is automated, PCT staff can spend more time on improving quality rather than administering a manual system.

Foord said: “Our previous system was largely paper based. We have already seen significant savings in terms of time and money. Using less paper is good from a conservation point of view and we save time and money on photocopying and postage.

“In addition our response to the Department of Health is now quicker, with an easily viewable audit trail that provides accountability and assurance.”

The PCT has already chosen to implement other Datix modules, including DatixWeb electronic incident reporting, and has plans to expand the use of Safety Alerts for other trust wide communications that require a response and audit trail.

Jonathan Hazan, business development manager at DATIX, said: “We have a strong and long-standing business relationship with Shropshire County PCT and we are delighted to see that the Safety Alerts module is already delivery benefits. Shropshire is one of our most proactive and experienced customers and we look forward to continuing to work with the PCT on future developments.”