Sectra has signed a five-year contract with Region Skåne regarding a digital solution for managing and archiving radiology images (PACS).

Under the contract, which is initially worth €3m (SEK 30m), Sectra will replace existing systems at the university hospitals in Malmö and Lund.

The agreement includes an option to connect the other radiology departments as well as nuclear medicine and cardiology imaging units in the region to the central backbone solution that Sectra is establishing with Region Skåne.

“With this new, common digital solution for managing radiology images, we are taking an important step towards more efficient cooperation and use of resources within the radiology operations in our region,” says Hans Stridbeck, Regional Chief Medical Officer.

”Region Skåne’s procurement is the largest in Sweden this year for IT systems for radiology departments. The need for systems that facilitate cooperation and communication is substantial and the holistic approach taken by Region Skåne for the IT structure of radiology operations is a model for other care providers,” says Marie Ekström, president of Sectra’s medical operations in Scandinavia.

Region Skåne, a regional public body responsible for health, medical and dental services, includes ten hospitals that conduct more than 900,000 radiology examinations annually. All the hospitals in the region are already operating with Sectra’s system for managing radiology information (RIS).

Region Skåne also recently ordered an IT solution, Master Examination Index, from Sectra that enhances the efficiency of radiology cooperation within and outside the region.

The use of Sectra’s solution will increase the availability of images and patient information.